Your Elite Review

Do you want to take your brand presence to the next level?

Our Elite Review is the ideal first step for learning what your brand is doing well, and what you could do to make it elite.

How it Works:

We each review an aspect of your business brand and communications, and give you a dashboard presentation on our findings. You’ll then receive a full report that details what’s working well, areas for improvement, and our recommendations. 


Its essence, values, consistent tone of voice and visual appeal


Its useability, layout, SEO, and the balance of images and content

Social Media

Profile optimisation, audience demographics, content performance and the consistency of words and visuals across your social media platforms.


The standard, quality, relevance, amount and consistency across your website and social media


Their quality, quantity, relevance to your brand, range and diversity, the engagement they create and any gaps

With an Elite Review, you have the focused expertise of all five of us to learn where your brand stands now, and what could be achieved. It’s a chance to dip your brand’s toe in elite waters, and see the possibilities . . .

“Five experts, looking at different pieces of marketing collateral of an organisation…the results were so valuable, and I was so impressed.”

Elite Review Client, April 2024

Natalie Murray - Designer

Natalie Murray

Expert brand strategist and designer from The Edge Brands

Sarah Wood - web developer

Sarah Wood

Experienced website developer from Small Business Web Support

Charlotte Howell - social media expert

Charlotte Howell

Knowledgeable social media consultant from Virtual Owl Marketing

Rebecca chamberlain - copywriter

Rebecca Chamberlain

Creative copywriter from RLC Words

Suzanne Kentish

Talented brand photographer from Brand photography by Suzanne Kentish

The Elite Review is subject to the Elite In A Week Review Terms and Conditions.

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